The Calavera Story

Welcome “Calaverians!”

My name is Cisco Gonzalez and I am the proud founder of Calavera Coolers! I am an Arizona native with three children who grew up in the small mining town of Hayden, Arizona. For those of you who do not know where this town is, (which will be almost everyone) Hayden is located 1 hour, North of Tucson and 1 ½ hour southeast of Phoenix. If you blink while driving through it, you will miss it! ☺ 

Calavera Coolers was founded in late 2018. The idea came in February of 2018 during a family wedding in Florida, after meeting a guy who created a brand for people that take pride in their old, beat up coolers. As an outdoor enthusiast myself, who at the time was working for a Hispanic Marketing agency, I thought to myself “How great would it be to create a brand that embodied the Hispanic Culture?” 

From a thought, to some scratch paper, to endless research, and collaboration with a few close friends, Calavera Coolers was born.

We are excited to represent the Hispanic Culture and to provide everyone with the coolest coolers on the market, Calavera Coolers, “COLDER THAN ICE COLD! CALAVERA COLD!” 

*We take great pride in our customers satisfaction. Please let us know if you are not satisfied with our products or service.